Augments the wide range of NVIDIA® Jetson™ AI Systems
with Allxon remote management functionality
As one of the NVIDIA® Jetson™ preferred partners, Allxon Device Management (ADM) provides a wide breadth of centralized cloud device management services, saving businesses from managing a deployment of multi-platform interfaces. System integrators are able to remotely control and manage these devices through their entire lifecycle to help businesses quickly and efficiently organize, monitor, update, lifecycle and troubleshoot an AIoT deployment of any scale and in any environment.
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Allxon unique functionalities
for NVIDIA® Jetson™ edge-AI systems

OOB (Out-of-Band) Power Cycling

OOB power cycling enables remote control of the power state. The Out-of-Band feature has the capability to do a completed reboot of a system that is physically turned off. This feature saves considerable time, removing the need to physically travel to each site where Jetson systems were deployed.

Secure, Remote JetPack Recovery

In the rare event the Jetson system is corrupted or need to update its JetPack, the Secure, Remote JetPack Recovery feature means a field technician is no longer required to be dispatched to manually fix the device. Instead, the Allxon solution can remotely enable the device into recovery mode, enabling it to. This significantly streamlines operations, sbe recovered without requiring physical accessaving the operator time and cost, while also providing a fast-acting fail-safe mechanism for critical AIoT deployments.

Automatically Upload/ Download System Logs

Periodical reports can give an overall summary of the deployment, such as the total number of enrolled and active devices to determine if all devices are still present, average processing usage to spot activity hotspots, plus other environmental factors like system temperature and much more. A full-scope view enables easier management at scale. Users can also designate software application installed in Jetson system for uploading it’s logs to ADM cloud server.

OTA (Over-The-Air) Deployment

Unified systems and software versions across devices ensure a baseline compatibility, avoiding time-consuming troubleshooting juggling multi-version deployments. OTA updates save time and cost and can be scheduled for out-of-hours to minimize downtime, while updates to edge-AI capabilities can deploy new AI models or training intelligence to improve their operational effectiveness.

Supported Jetson Systems
Allxon’s solution is supported the particular carrier boards from ADLINK, Advantech, AVerMedia, Axiomtek…etc. And if you are interested in our service, please do contact us!
MIC-720AI, MIC-730AI, MIC-710IVA
EX731, EA713, EN713

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Together with our partners we envision a world of open and optimized business operations. Allxon builds an efficient and open device management platform to empower business solutions. Since 2001 in IaaS, 2011 in PaaS, 2017 into SaaS, Allxon has transformed itself into a purely SaaS service provider since 2019. At each stage Allxon sought to leverage our expertise in hardware to provide users with the best software integration and service.

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